Be prepared.

We'll be doing all the heavy lifting, but there are things that you as the client are responsible for. We can't write your content for you - only you know everything about your business, and only you can determine what purpose your site will have or what message you want to convey. You will need to have all verbiage complete before we begin, and you will need to collect all your photographic and video assets to populate the site with. The more prep you do, the quicker we can make the site and get it live.

Keep it simple!

People don't like to read a lot; they will get impatient and leave your site if they can't find what they're looking for quickly and easily. The bobblehead philosophy is that simple, to-the-point verbiage and slick presentation will get your message across in the most efficient and pleasing way possible. Our sites will keep users' interest until they reach the bottom of the first page, and will entice them to explore the rest. We believe that people just want to find what they want to find, but it's our job to pique curiosities, and to get potential customers to contact you, without inundating them with too much information.

Don't be afraid of stock photography.

Stock photos come in fantastic high resolution formats, and can be quite inexpensive. You can either procure them yourself or ask us to find some good images. People love looking at aesthetically pleasing imagery, and stock photos are a great, quick way to make that happen. Using Getty Images as our exclusive stock photo provider, we can offer beautiful, high resolution stock images at only $15 apiece!

Don't think too much about the details.

This one's tough - we're asking you to trust our design sensibilities. Our bobbleheads have over 35 years of collective professional graphic design experience between them, and they know how to reach people through a visual medium. We'll worry about the details - formatting, typeface selections, image placement - you just need to be concerned with the function you want your website to perform. Do you want an online brochure? Do you want to sell products? Do you want to inform completely, or entice potential customers to contact you?