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End of Year Report

Hello, Jose! Welcome to your very first performance report for your website. This report will cover the last calendar year (2017). I'm going to go over some analytics from the squarespace back end, and at the bottom of this page you'll find a video where I go through the various metrics a little more in-depth, and offer some tips for how to implement this new knowledge. Let's get started!

Traffic Overview

Here we can see how many people come to the site, how often the site gets visited in general, and how times individual pages are loaded. Other information includes what operating systems people use when visiting, what browser, and if they're on a mobile device or a desktop.


Here you can see the trend of general visits to the site over the past year. This is a great indicator of seasonal traffic.

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Unique Visitors

This graph shows the individual users who visited the site.

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This graph shows us how many individual pages were loaded.

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Traffic Sources

How do your users reach your site?

So you've got about half of your visits coming from people who just type "" into their browser, or use bookmarks. 47% of visitors reach you via some kind of search. Google doesn't offer details in terms of what they search for; they make you sign up for their own analytics platform to get that information. 1% of users get to the site via email or a referral link from another website (like the one here on Bobblehead's website).

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Traffic (Geography)

Where do your users live?

For the purposes of this image, I'm focusing on Maryland since that's where about 99% of your traffic comes from. You can see that the bulk of Maryland visitors are from Laurel, followed by Columbia, then spreading out the rest of the state. This is great information to have, as you can tailor a mailing campaign to the demographic area of your choice.

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Buttons & Forms

What buttons are people clicking on? And on what pages?

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This is a new metric from Squarespace—they only started logging this data last September, so there' s not a lot of information here. That being said, it's very interesting. On this screen, we can see exactly what buttons and forms are clicked on the most. (A "button" being defined as a specific design element, and not just any clickable link.) The reason you're seeing repeats of some of the forms is that you have a form on the footer of your site, so technically the same form shows up on every page; the site therefore records a form entry from the homepage as distinct from a form entry on the Kids Night Out page. This particular screenshot is only showing statistics for button clicks; on your site, I have buttons for downloading PDF calendars and registering for specific camps. The single most-clicked button is the one for downloading the Middies camp calendar. You can also see how many people visit the page that a button is on versus how many people then click on that button.

Video Walk-Through

You should make this full-screen for maximum legibility.

I hope this report gives you some actionable information; remember, you have access to this information if you log in to your squarespace account, then click "Analytics" in the main menu. Take some time to explore that section, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a client of Bobblehead Design Works — until next year!