Corey and Tony, hosts of hair industry podcast Your Day Off, are hosting a two-day event in April. Their aim is to bring people together with industry professionals and Instagram celebrities through classes at the event, as well as a produced stage show featuring all the invited guests.

Corey and Tony are longtime friends, so we took it upon ourselves to make them a website promoting the event; we also made some videos for social media promotion. We figured that the website and promotional materials needed to look slick and professional, especially considering this is the first of many such events, and first impressions are everything.

We started by aggregating their content, including grabbing key images from various Instagram feeds, class information, ticket purchasing options, local lodging information, and sponsor logos. Once we had collected everything, we began the process of organizing the content in a slick, easy to parse fashion; as an event site, it is incredibly important to make sure that visitors can find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. We decided to place all key info right on the homepage, with supplementary pages so visitors could get more details, if needed. We finished the look by making a looping video slideshow for the homepage.

Corey and Tony were so happy with the finished site, and set out to promote it immediately. In the coming weeks they’ll be posting more frequently to their Instagram and Facebook pages, trying to influence people to visit the main site. If you’re a professional in the hair industry, you should check out their podcast and this event!