In August of last year, we were approached by members of a local elementary school's PTA; they were tired of their old website, which was cluttered and confusing for the volunteers to update with new content. In fact, the updating process was so difficult that the end result was a site stuffed to the brim with content, but in such a way that finding what you were looking for was a chore. Additionally, there was virtually no photography on the site and a lot of empty space, leading to a very dry user experience.


They asked for a new site that stressed simplicity as well as security—Squarespace was a natural solution for both issues. We set out to build a new site that would make news and announcements easy to find, keep information organized, and act as a valuable resource for the parents of enrolled kids. After a lot of design work and testing, we built a site that makes information easy to find, gives parents easy ways to get involved with the PTA, and is easy for the parent volunteers to update on their own.


In addition, we produced a video slideshow using their photos to spruce up the homepage. In the end, the PTA was very pleased with the resulting new site, and they can't wait for parents to see the new look.