Back in February of last year, Karen, president of the Kensington Heights Civic Association (KHCA) sent out a newsletter to the community asking for volunteers that could help in any way they could, sort of a recruitment call to the residents of the area. I responded, and offered my assistance in getting them a new website up and running.

I had seen their old website many times before, and told Karen that I thought that I could be of help in updating it to modern standards; the site was a little confusing to navigate, and was not a great source of news or much information about the community. Its dated look wasn't mobile-friendly, either.

Apart from the site's issues was my concern that KHCA was not effectively communicating to the neighborhood things like events, meetings, or community news. In fact, during one of our initial meetings about the site, I was asked to come to a meeting they were having; when I admitted that I hadn't heard about the meeting, someone told me that it was because I wasn't on a mailing list. But this meeting hadn't been announced on their website, and there was no facebook post about it, so users like me would be hard-pressed to find actual information about important things like meetings.

My approach was to create a site that could act like a central hub for disseminating information to the KHCA-area residents; a site that would have announcements for things like events, meetings, and community activities. A website that residents could check for news, and not have to search through pages of facebook posts. A site that could post announcements to facebook and twitter without any extra efffort.


Now KHCA's website is just that—a hub for important information and resources related to the area. Not only that, but KHCA-area residents can now apply for KHCA membership and pay their dues or make donations right on the site! The site features photography from residents, and is a platform for local businesses to reach the community they service.

Even though the nature of a volunteer organization made this project take a little more than a year to complete, it was worth it—now the KHCA has a website that proudly showcases the beauty and friendliness of the area and its residents.