Alison Hartson is a candidate in the upcoming 2018 primaries in California. She's running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, and she needed some help with a new logo and a website. Her campaign was previously using a CMS that wasn't very user-friendly, so we offered her our services.

Because her campaign is under a time constraint, we had to work quickly. Luckily, Alison was very responsive and a great communicator, so her logo design process lasted only three days. We played around with different combinations of typefaces and designs, and very quickly landed on the final logo.

Logo concepts.

Logo concepts.

The finished logo features a star motif in the "A" (which also works as a stand-alone icon), and the conspicuous choice of "Bernie Blue", to indicate her progressive policy positions. We created full color, 2-color, and single color variants, as well as the favicon/social media avatars. We also designed various physical items, like campaign signs, t-shirts, flyers, and bumper stickers.

Final logos.

Final logos.


With the logo design finished, it was time to start work on her new website. Previously she had a site that was a simple one-page affair, with just a few photos and minimal content. She wanted her new site to integrate with her new CMS, Action Network. This way, she and her team could create custom "actions" like forms or event announcements, and integrate them via code snippets into the new site. We built her new site on Squarespace, and took some time to figure out how to best integrate it with Action Network. We also helped structure a new workflow for her form submissions, using a combination of Google Sheets and Zapier to help communicate directly with Action Network.

The site is now a great resource for discovering everything about Alison as a candidate: there are numerous calls to action throughout the content, with clear ways to donate, volunteer, or find events. Each of her policy positions has a dedicated page so visitors can read in great detail about where she stands on the issues important to her campaign. The "News" page features essays, videos, and articles, and will also include blog posts from Alison that are easily shareable across various social media platforms, making her website a one-stop shop for all things Hartson-related. Additionally, the site will feature in the near future a store where people can purchase signs, shirts, and other items in order to support her efforts. We even produced a video for her homepage, using still photographs Alison provided.

Previous Site

New Site

Incredibly, thanks to the fantastic communication between her team and ours, we were able to go live with her new site after only two weeks of production time. In the days following the site's activation, she received almost thirty form submissions for things like subscribing to email updates and endorsement offers. Thanks to the robust analytics available on Squarespace, we see details about her site traffic, even going so far as to see what cities her site visitors are from—an important detail when you're trying to make a dent in local politics!

All in all, we had a great experience working with Alison and her team, and we are very proud of the finished product. We wish her the best of luck in the 2018 California Primaries!

Bobblehead Design Works saved my campaign. I needed to update my website in a very short period of time and they made it happen. They were professional, affordable, patient, thorough, and reliable. And to top it all off, I love my new website and have received so much positive feedback. I will recommend BDW to everyone I know.
— Alison Hartson