With the right ingredients, we'll cook up a great website.

We bobbleheads know just how hard it is to own and operate a small business. Margins are tight, curveballs come out of nowhere, and the hours are long - but it's your name on the line, and your hard work and dedication are what will make your business grow. 

Part of the success of a small business is advertising and marketing. In the "old days" of the Yellow Pages, you would just rent a space in the yellow book, and hope people saw it and called. These days, the web makes it simpler (and ironically, more complicated) to get the word out about your business. Boosting facebook posts, email blasts, even the tried and true direct mail options are very well and good; but as far as bang for your buck, a good website is the best thing for your business.

A solid web presence will make people able to find you through google searches; a website can not only make people aware that you exist, but can also serve to inform them about your business, to whatever extent that you want. The internet is the number one way people look you up and learn about what it is you can offer, and not having a website (or having an ugly one) will turn people off more often than not.

Think about how many times you've been curious about a store you passed on the way to work: what's the first thing you do when you get a chance? You google the name of the store and see if they have a site. No website? No more interest. Ugly website? Active disinterest, perhaps even a little bit of scorn. Either way, they're not getting your business. Websites are modern day advertising; if you think of the cost of a website in terms of advertising cost, your site will pay for itself inside of six months, if not sooner.

With that in mind, we make it a point to work with small businesses; companies that are shy or scared about jumping into the internet. Most people have no idea how to make a site, or what to put on it. That's where we come in: we can create a site for you in 14 days because we consult with you to determine what it is that needs to go on your site. We do the heavy lifting of site design, graphic design, and site flow, so all you have to worry about is the site's content. Think of it like this: you give us the ingredients you want, we'll cook it up for you. And it will be delicious.

At Bobblehead Design Works, we quote you a flat cost for your site, which includes:

  • One year of site administration (we make changes and additions per your request)
  • Two email accounts with your domain name (john.doe@yoursite.com)
  • A mobile-friendly version of your site
  • The ability to change your site's look at any time
  • One custom bobblehead of your likeness (COMING SOON!)

We are so confident in our skills that for a limited time, we will offer a money back guarantee: If, after the 14 days of site development, you are unhappy with the site, we will refund your deposit 100%. Nobody else offers this kind of deal - that's how sure we are that you'll like what we do. We also don't charge by the hour, like a lot of people do. We've found that a lot of web developers out there do this to pad their work; for example, they might say you need some other kind of functionality for the site, but that will mean extra hours, thereby increasing your cost. We will estimate the cost of your site based on its approximate size, and we will stick to that cost; the only things that would add to the overall cost would be the use of stock photography (only $10 per photo!), or additional email accounts.

Take a look at some of the small businesses we've worked with on our Portfolio page. Some of them had no sites to speak of, others wanted to update their site's look with a more contemporary feel. Still others didn't even have any branding to speak of! These sites ranged from $2,500 to $5,000.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to get started on your brand new website today!

BONUS: Until August 31, 2015, Bobblehead Design Works will offer you $500 discount if you want to create a new site from your already existing website!

(Offer applies only to customers who have a pre-existing, live website)