Danny has been collecting toys his whole life. His love and passion for it eventually led him to a life decision: he would quit his full-time job and start an online store selling toys and collectibles. Not just any toys - he only wanted to sell the kind of things that he himself would collect; his product selection would be carefully curated, according to his discerning taste.

Danny's next step was figuring out how to sell product online. His go-to thought was eBay. Of course eBay would be the way to go, right? It's super easy, and they can handle all the complicated stuff like payment processing. I should mention here that Danny is a personal friend of mine, and when I saw his facebook announcement detailing his plan, I reached out to him to offer my services. At first he demured, telling me that his plan to use eBay; he was, however, looking for a logo. 


My wife and I couldn’t imagine our e-commerce site being started without Ricardo’s patient and thoughtful assistance. We truly enjoyed working with Rico through the whole web design process. He gave us appreciated guidance every step of the way, from picking a site provider, to incorporating the latest design trends, and training us on maintaining our site after our opening.
— Danny Sanders, Owner, Have A Blast

While he and I were working on the logo, he started doing some research on e-commerce, and the benefits of making your own website to sell product online. He decided to abandon his eBay plan and asked if I could help build his site. We did some reading on e-commerce website platforms, lookin at Squarespace, Shopify, and Big Commerce. He settled on Shopify's system for a myriad of reasons, all of them important to him and how he planned on operating his business.

Using Shopify's platform was a great experience - bulk SKU importing was a breeze, and their selection of design templates is impressive. Since he was planning on handling the site on his own after I set it up, Danny was a little intimidated by the prospect of  navigating the back-end of the site; things like adding products, fulfilling orders, checking notifications. I decided to set up a screenshare with him, and we spent about an hour on the phone together, going through the site administration menus, while he sat at his computer and watched what I was doing on my screen, 700 miles away. That training session went a long way towards assuaging his trepidation about the process.

Ricardo has a gifted eye for an attractive webpage, and the ability to convey his (often correct) opinion while clearly setting his client’s priorities first. He demonstrated skill, professionalism, and most importantly he’s simply a great person. We highly recommend him to any business, for any website application, and we promise that you will recommend him too.
— Danny Sanders, Owner, Have A Blast

After a little more than two weeks, Have a Blast! Toys and Games is up and running. They got their first order about four hours after the site went live, and Danny's working hard on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the word out. He's happy about the decision he made to take this brave step, and we wish him all the best!

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